3 Celebs Accused Of Pursuing Marriage For Money

Kevin Federline and Britney Spears

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline got together in 2004, directly after he dumped his pregnant sweetheart. After a brief red hot sentiment, the two separated, leaving Britney with two children. She later conceded that relationship with Kevin was a colossal slip-up, yet she was as yet happy to have the children. Kevin apparently got $20,000 per month from Britney for quite a long time until he wedded once more.

Miranda Kerr and her men

Miranda Kerr has certainly been occupied in the course of the most recent couple of decades. We really trusted her associations with Orlando Bloom would keep going for quite a while – all things considered, they were such a fantastic couple! Too bad, when Orlando’s notoriety (and batter) vanished a piece, she moved onto the following objective, attaching with James Packer, an acclaimed extremely rich person. After that didn’t work out, Miranda Kerr utilized her charms on Evan Spiegel, the originator of Snapchat. Obviously, his total assets is very noteworthy.

Precious stone Harris and Hugh Hefner

We aren’t questioning Hugh Hefner’s appeal and charm, however to wed a 84-year-elderly person you should be either extremely stricken or hungry for cash. The 25-year-old magnificence out of nowhere got frightened just before the marriage, yet then altered her perspective by and by. Perhaps the $5 million house in Hollywood Hills had something to do with it?